Startups have been riding the crest of a wave for a couple of years, but what is really being all the rage now are the startups that operate in the finance. It couldn’t be otherwise, since the banking system has revealed more than a fallacy during the financial crisis in 2008 that has roused the need of new methods of exchanging money for goods or services.

Of course, they operate in the business in the startup way, using disruptive techniques and innovative technologies.

A few months ago, Business Insider released the list of the top 15 most innovative European startups in the fintech market

These startups have been chosen by taking into consideration the market they have made  and the fact that (quote) «they’re all offering something new, exciting, and financially promising».

It is surely an interesting and useful point from where to start in the analysis of the most promising sector of the startup market, and we must give Business Insider the credit for having singled out, among the earliest, a very promising sector in the startup business and having drawn a list of the most interesting startups in the market. That made us want to test on the fintech sector our latest product LAB, the most refined ranking of startup companies. So we drew a top list of our own, but following a scientific approach, solid data to bring to the table.

To do so, we scanned with the LAB algorithm the entire European startup ecosystem analyzing and processing the network value of every startup. We came up with our own top 15. Is our list as good as BI’s?


LAB’s Ranking
BusinessInsider’s Ranking

[column lg=”2″ md=”2″ xs=”2″] 2[/column]

[column lg=”5″ md=”5″ xs=”5″ ][/column] [column lg=”5″ md=”5″ xs=”5″ ] Nutmeg[/column]

[column lg=”2″ md=”2″ xs=”2″ ] 6[/column]

[column lg=”5″ md=”5″ xs=”5″ ] Simple Tax[/column] [column lg=”5″ md=”5″ xs=”5″ ] WorldRemit[/column]


At the top of the list we found some startups (Transferwise, Nutmeg) that match with the BI ranking. More interestingly, LAB also spotted startups that had been ignored by BI and are incredibly promising. Let’s have a look at them.

At second place we spot, that has already received a funding by Seedcamp.

What is more, our system spotted also Satago (fifth) that has already received one million dollars round, GoCardless (ninth) who gathered 11 million dollars from, among the others, Y Combinator and Accel partners.

At the bottom there is Kreditech, which is rumored to be receiving a 110 million dollars C-Round Investment by Peter Thiel, no less.

You’re probably already cheering about the good news: with LAB we have effortlessly scanned the entire ecosystem extracting automatically the most interesting startups basing not on the word on the street, but on a data driven approach.

In fact, among the results there are startups that maybe have not created a buzz around them yet, but they are actually promising and some of them have already got a round A funding.

And that’s what you want, you want to read the book, you’re not interested in its cover. You want a powerful tool that effortlessly scans in a blink of an eye hundreds of startups spotting those that have a real potential, not just a nice face.