It has been more than two years since the Bitcoin bursted into the market and into the news.

Until that moment, the virtual currency had been known just among geeks and people working in law enforcement. Indeed, the Bitcoin is frequently associated with money laundering, illegal trades in the dark web and even terrorism. This is why the dramatic rise in the exchange value between the 2013 and 2014 caused an uproar of concern, debate, and interest among investors.

Since then, Bitcoin raised the interest of the “bright side of the market”. More and more sellers are accepting the virtual currency, investment funds were born and, more interesting, a lot of startups are getting into the market.

Remarkably the Bitcoin is the fastest growing area of startup investment, with a burst of 151% in the 2012-2015 period, and it is attracting a constantly rising share of investments.

This is why, after having analyzed Europe’s fintech market, we have been asked by the Sellalab and Blockchainlab teams to scan the world ecosystem to search for the most promising Bitcoin startups.

To this end we used LAB, the most refined ranking of startup companies. As described in our dedicated blogpostLAB analyzes the network of interactions between startups, measures the network value of the company, and ranks them accordingly to their position within the ecosystem. For instance, Changecoin’s network is broad and valuable thanks to more than 15 advisors and 70 investors. Among them, Ben Davenport is a former employee at Google and Facebook, while Adam Nash’s resume includes an experience at Apple.

Collectively they expand the Changecoin’s network granting the company an invaluable wealth of opportunities and experiences.
Among the startups we have spotted, a lot of them have received investments by huge players such as 500 startups and Dave McClure in person no less. As an example, BonafideBTCjamCoinalytics  that are on the podium. The connection with one of the biggest player in the Silicon Valley’s ecosystem grants them the highest scores in network maturity (378, while the fifth follows with a score of 161). Among the others in the ranking we pinpoint here Mirror, that received a 12,8M$ funding and whose CEO Avish Bhama worked at Apple and Onename, that raised 1,5M and was incubated by the well-known Y Combinator.

The entire ranking is presented below. Some have already collected conspicuous investment rounds (although some undisclosed), others are not, but what they have in common is a great team with great networks, which is the clue of a future success.


LAB’s Ranking

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BTCJam [/column]


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ChangeCoin [/column]