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The best startups in Bitcoin, ranked with LAB

It has been more than two years since the Bitcoin bursted into the market and into the news. Until that moment, the virtual currency had been known just among geeks and people…..

3 minutes read

Introducing LAB

We have developed LAB, a simple yet extremely powerful methodology which allows entrepreneurs and investors figuring out the value of a company’s network.

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WebSummit: the journey continues

  After attending to the amazing Pioneers Event in Vienna, we continue our tour across Europe by reaching Dublin. The Irish capital hosts in these days one largest networking events…..

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We Are Pioneers

In a few days from now, we will be in Vienna to attend to the Pioneers Festival and we’re pretty excited about it. The event, which will take place in the…..

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Startup Network: Diversity Wins

UPDATE: We have made progress in our research, that led to a new product, LAB.  With LAB we are now able to measure more accurately how efficient a network of a…..